Who We Are


Mission Statement of the Haitian American Emergency Relief Committee (HAERC) a non profit organization 501 (c) (3)

To provide emergency relief to local communities and serve as a resource center for the collection and distribution of monies, food, medecines and other supplies needed to assist Communities in need..

Additionally, HAERC,Members will work with reliable organizations to assure the distribution of goods and services to the neediest members of the various communities.

The HAERC includes elected officials, community leaders, non-profit representatives and grassroots activists whose goal is working together to coordinate Miami-Dade's response to the emergency needs of Haitians and Haitian Americans.

What We do:

Members of the HAERC contact the appropriate donors and arrange for periodic consolidated shipments to Haiti. They also research the recipients of these donations to make certain that shipments are delivered to the appropriate regions and individuals. It is the intent of HAERC to create " One voice " to address the short and long term needs of Haiti.


Officers and Board of Directors

Executive Director  D.J. Fabien 
Chair Yvans. R Morisseau
Vice Chair Francois Adrien 
Secretary Josephine Legros
Secretary  Martine Jolicoeur
Secretary Priscilla Dames 
  Dr. Larry Capp    lcapp@haerc.com 
  Retha Boone-Fye rboone@haerc.com
  Tamara Philippeaux tamarap@haerc.com
  Sharie Blanton  sblanton@haerc.com  
  Lisa Torres ltorres@haerc.com
  Commissioner Joe Martinez Letter of  Commendation
  Stanley Alexis salexis@haerc.com
  Tracy Lozama tlozama@haerc.com  
  Marc Bayard  mbayard@haerc.com
  Consul General Ralph Latortue rlatortue@haerc.com


Contact us

Mailing Address:
17150 SW 184 ST Miami Florida 33187

TEL : 305.588.2200
FAX : 786.522.0069
EMAIL : info@haerc.org

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