Volunteers Needed for HAERC

(Credit can been given to students for community service work) 6 months commitment of service

Opportunity #1:
Volunteer coordinator - works with all volunteers to coordinate scheduling, locations, and provides Certifications to students for work hours. Needs computer skills, email access, flexible hours.One volunteer needed -5 hours per week.

Opportunity #2:
Computer literate volunteer to be responsible for creating email list for organization and keeping the list updated. Need s to have access to internet l and local telephone . Approx 3 hours per week. Flexible time and location. One volunteer needed

Opportunity #3:
Computer literate volunteer to serve as secretary to HAERC, sending email correspondence to volunteers , partners board members and interested individuals and businesses.Need computer literacy, access to email and local telephone. Approx 4 hours per week. Flexible time One volunteer needed

Opportunity #4:
Assist in collection of goods at drop off locations.
Hours to be arranged for each location. Donations need to be organized for shipping. 6 volunteers Needed. Approx 4 hours per week . Schedule to be arranged as needed at each location locations.

Send email to: info@haerc.com
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